ISC Branchenforum zum Thema Nachhaltigkeit

Saturday, September 29, 2018 - 15:50German
Verantwortungsvoll in die Zukunft! Unter diesem Motto steht das diesjährige Branchenforum „Fachkompetenz Schuh – Die Branche im Dialog“, das am 7./8. November im ISC Pirmasens an den Start geht.

TEXON International and TEXON Italia Join Forces

Monday, August 27, 2018 - 21:18English
Texon International Group Limited and Texon Italia S.p.A. are proud to announce that as of August 2018, Texon Italia will officially rejoin Texon International Group. Over the past eleven years Texon Italia has worked closely together with the Texon Group to develop and support the Italian market. During this time, they have also established a range of exciting new products for the fashion, apparel and safety industries. The integration will further enable Texon to continue to develop the Italian market, whilst fully leveraging Texon International’s global presence to roll out these new products.

Gallery SHOES - International Tradeshow for Shoes & Accessories - 2-4 September 2018 - Opening of edition N°3

Tuesday, August 7, 2018 - 09:15English
Side events TW Orderinfo Spring/Summer 2019: Lots of colour once again! Presentation: Storydoing in Retail – Evoking Emotions at the POS HDS/L Press Conference in cooperation with the BDSE (Federal Association of German Shoe Retailers) Presentation: Season’s Best – 20 Must-Haves for Spring/Summer 2019 Presentation: Fashion Forecast for Autumn/Winter 2019/20 MODEUROP Forecast for Autumn/Winter 2019/20

El CTCR consigue obtener quitosano de origen fúngico, a escala laboratorio, durante el primer año del proyecto QUITOTEC

Thursday, August 2, 2018 - 12:25Spanish
El Centro Tecnológico del Calzado de La Rioja, CTCR, apuesta por la innovación tecnológica a través de la investigación de nuevos polímeros y materiales con propiedades de biodegradabilidad y no toxicidad. Y es que, en los últimos años, la producción de quitosano usando hongos ha recibido bastante atención, por ser un biopolímero que se genera de forma natural en su pared celular y se puede obtener por cultivo. En ello se ha centrado precisamente el personal investigador del área de biotecnología que, durante un año ha focalizado su trabajo en el estudio de las especies de hongos que contienen el biopolímero, seleccionando dos variedades diferentes con claro potencial productor de este biomaterial, en base a su origen y características.

C.E.C. Knowledge4Footwear Presents New Online Platform for Innovation Training in Footwear Manufacturing

Thursday, August 2, 2018 - 11:45English
A new online platform for project-based training in research and innovation in footwear manufacturing, developed under the Erasmus + project Knowledge4Foot (K4F), was officially presented in Bucharest two weeks ago. The platform intends to respond to the call from footwear companies and higher education providers across Europe to boost footwear students and professionals’ research and innovation skills, which companies require to remain competitive in an innovation-driven world.

FUTURMODA el origen de la moda.

Thursday, August 2, 2018 - 11:10Spanish
Lunes 30 de Julio de 2018 La Moda se ha constituido en el fenómeno más importante de la sociedad de consumo. Es en sí misma, cultura y elemento dinamizador de culturas, y su vitalidad le ha llevado a expandirse a todas las áreas del comportamiento social que conforman el consumo. Hoy en día el Calzado es un producto plenamente identificado en este segmento y así lo ha entendido el sector que ha conseguido hacer de la moda, el diseño y la calidad sus atributos más destacables, impulsando a sus empresas a constituirse como embajadoras de la moda española a nivel mundial, posicionando nuestra imagen país al frente de la vanguardia de la moda en los mercados del más alto nivel. En nuestro sector, el origen de la moda está en los componentes del calzado, en todos aquellos elementos que conforman el zapato, y en FUTURMODA es donde se presentan las nuevas tendencias cada temporada.


Thursday, August 2, 2018 - 10:55English
Organised by Fandango Club and MICAM, an original and completely B2C format specially devoted to millennials for whom sneakers represent a status symbol and cult object. It will be held at the Milan Trade Fair centre within the ambit of the international footwear exhibition Milan, 25 July 2018 – PLUG-Mi. The Sneakers Culture Experience, is here: the first event devoted entirely to the dynamic world of sneakers and aimed at millennials, inventors of the most revolutionary trends and promoters of new consumer habits. Organized by MICAM and Fandango Club, PLUG-Mi will debut at the Fiera Milano (Milan Trade Fair) in 2019. Inspired by the better-known overseas sneaker conventions (such as the Complexcon festival held in Los Angeles or Atlanta’s KixFair), this new format will combine product displays, games, musical events and experiences, allowing a wide number fans from the general public to find new ways of ‘living their passion’ for sneakers, creating not only a powerful moment of aggregation but also an opportunity for understanding a vast social and commercial phenomenon.

Ostrich skin structure

Thursday, August 2, 2018 - 08:28English
There is no doubt that the success of the marketing story of kangaroo lay in that kangaroo had unique strength and structural characteristics, which enticed leather buyers who wanted something different. A similar story can be identified in the success of ostrich leather. The surface characteristic of the bird skin, easily recognisable by the feather follicles (pips) in the crown area of the leather - make it stand out in a sea of boring flat leathers. Finishers trying to emulate that ostrich effect on bovine leathers, through embossing techniques, never seem to get it right. The fake ostrich looks predictable, plastic, and too uniform to be the real thing. Figure 1 shows the iconic surface of ostrich with natural variation, topographical differences, and character.

South Africa - Strike into third week; meetings planned for today

Tuesday, July 24, 2018 - 13:48English
The Little Slipper Company staff putting out burning tyres. The footwear manufacturing industry strike has moved into its third week. According to the National Bargaining Council, the manufacturers' association, SAFLIA, will hold a CEO's meeting at 10 this morning (Tuesday) to see whether they are prepared to revise their 6.5% offer.