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Wolka Kosowska

WEESTEP™ is an American brand of children's footwear that opened a branch in the European Union in 2020. All our products go under stringent testing and quality control before entering the market.
Well-designed stylish models, high-quality materials and the latest production technologies ensure a great product that will surely appeal to your customers: European quality control, soft and flexible soles, natural materials (leather, eco-leather, textile) and advanced technology of "WS-TEX".
WEESTEP™ shoes are known not only in USA and Poland, but also in Germany, Italy, Russia, Canada, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Portugal and other countries of the world.
The cooperation with our company has already proved to our partners around the world the reliability of our brand, the highest quality and attractive prices of our products.

Why clients choose us?
• Leather Insoles with Middle Foot Support
• Prices from the manufacturer
• Product quality guarantee
• Regular seasonal discounts
• Full marketing support and brand promotion
• Flexible system of discounts for our clients

Contact me to receive catalogs and to clarify the details of cooperation.
Waiting forward for your questions and our long term cooperation.

Anton Ilin

Z- P-H-U "HIP"

ul. Głęboka 28, 37

Z P-H-U “HIP” Przeworsk has been manufacturing footwear since being established in 2000, specialising in service boot shaft sewing and cutting out. We have made thousands of boot shafts in that time, giving us great expertise in footwear sewing. Our sewing shop has two production lines, each with fifty work stands and a wide range of modern machines. We rely on our Dürkopp, Adler–Minerwa for lockstitch, flat, single and double-needle, and zigzag sewing, as well as a range of auxiliary machines like Comelz SS 20, COM 4 curler, BIMA inter-lining press, Olimpic TRF-60 for adhesive coating, Colli GP20 for lining cutting, and a PMF stamping machine. These and many others help ensure that we can maintain the required high quality with short production times. Our clients include Schoenfabriek Helioform International, Ricosta schuhfabriken GmbH, Inblu, CCC, Badura and Kacper. In choosing to contract our services, you know that you are guaranteeing high quality boot shaft workmanship and product delivery to schedule. Our clients are satisfied with the sewing services we offer. We look forward to doing business with you!

Contact person in English language - Agnieszka Pieniążek  48 664 961 553.

Robert Hajnosz