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We are manufacturers of Men shoes.

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We are footwear manufacturers in Poland: We are looking for agents to represent us. We make handmade shoes for kids and women and distribute to the global market.
We are also looking for agents and distributors to sell our products in USA and Canada.

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We are a private footwear manufacturer of high quality LEATHER FIRST BABY WALKERS footwear.

In 1992, we established Daniel, a company manufacturing leather men's and women's footwear. Currently, we put our experience, passion and possibilities into the production of children's footwear. That is why we have created Hugotti brand.


HUGOTTI is not only a company. It is a set of values that are behind us – values passed from fathers to sons. Due to this continuity of generations, we have managed to combine craftsmanship with constantly developing aesthetic values. Perfection, which involves the spirit of the present times, is the fruit of this union. For us, craftsmanship is not only properly performed work, but also beauty, which is the second pillar of identity. This duality has been the cornerstone of our brand since its establishment. These are not only empty words to us, but goals that we have always pursued. We believe

that our shoes will delight the users not only with perfect workmanship, but also durability of the construction and comfort of use. This is guaranteed by our team of experienced craftsmen combined with the boldness and fantasy of the best world designers of the young generation. Experts in these fields are the ace up our sleeve, which guarantees our competitive advantage.


We only use materials from trusted sources – suppliers that have been our business partners for years. This network of connections makes us sure that we will not disappoint you – our customers. Compromise is a word that is alien to us, as we cannot afford it when it comes to quality. Natural Italian leather, Italian bottoms or linings – no matter what kind of raw materials we use, we always make sure that they come from the top shelf. All this to ensure appropriate comfort for your child and proper rest for its feet. We are ready to bear the responsibility that rests with us, as it encourages us to strive for perfection in our profession – especially for you. The world that we gradually create is designed for our customers. We want you to develop it together with us, because without your help it will remain mere beauty – it will gain proper character only with the help of your kids, as children are the wings that carry our brand towards its goals.


We cooperate with shoe designers from all parts of the world, such as New York, Milan, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris or Moscow. We put a part of ourselves and passion in every shoe model, with attention to every detail. Hugotti reflects years of experience in the production and sale of shoes. The company has consciously and consequently shaped and developed its brand for years.

Our long-lasting experience enables us to produce exceptionally comfortable and durable children's shoes, which are currently appreciated in many countries in the world. Thanks to regular investments in modern machinery and technologies as well as regular expansion of our offer, we have become one of the largest children's shoe factories, manufacturing shoes of the best European quality.


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We import all kind of footwear for distribution in Poland. Interested in our activities? Send us a mail.



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We manufacture man and woman shoes in small collections, Made to Order and Made to measure.
There is no minimum quantities with us . . . sorry there is, one pair.
If you are looking for high quality product and service, you should contact us.
We also have a factory of soles, heels, welt, and insoles. Everything from construction to finished shoe can be done under one roof.
30 years of experience, high motivation, professionalism, and delivering on time this is what you can expect from us.
We will be more than happy to reply all of your question.

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