Talvikkitie, 40A2
01300 VANTAA

Fenam Sourcing was established to meet almost any kind of sourcing needs that a client may have with the high quality and cost efficient manufacturing in Vietnam. Fenam Sourcing is headquartered in Finland and in order to provide a customer a complete sourcing process, it cooperates with a partner in Vietnam that has many years experience in sourcing business. Thus, the established Fenam sourcing team not only is local and responsive to its customers in the West but also benefits from having a local presence in Vietnam and peoples from many cultures and backgrounds. Furthermore, Fenam Sourcing prefers to take a fee from the manufacturer side, so the service usually is at no cost to you at all. For all these reasons, Fenam Sourcing is your choice for almost any kind of sourcing needs from Vietnam. Here are some products regularly sourced by Fenam Sourcing: home wares, handicrafts, footwear, clothes, toys and gifts, bags, agricultural products, seafood, etc..

Nghi Tran