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Review of “s’elections moscow 2020” 

Brave ‘back to business’ for the Russian Fashion market: 

“s’elections moscow 2020” gave the Russian order season Spring/Summer 2021 the place to meet 

CPM - Collection Première Moscow was like other order fairs in the prominent ‘club’ not to take place: The Expocentre was used as back up hospital. 

The makers of CPM decided immediately to offer the new sub-brand “s’elections”, which was planned to be used as special event between CPMs, as concentrated alternative in a different location. Main Stage – the Moscow concert place – offered 180 brands the perfect home from 16 countries as the only live order fair of this autumn in Russia. 

 4.017 participants were counted by the mandatory digital registration on site. Plus more than 1.100 online-experts in the off/online format of the Russian Fashion Retail Forum.Buyers from Far-East (Russian-Chinese border is still closed) to the buying power of Central Russia were present. Unusual and unexpected in these times. 

Thomas Stenzel, Managing Director of OOO Messe Duesseldorf Moscow: “The Turkish could come, the Italians send the biggest participation, the Russian brands strong and took it by heart: Unpredictable success! BACK TO BUSINESS feels so good for us fashion lovers!” 

Nikolay Yartsev, Director for the “s’elections moscow 2020” project: ‘We managed to offer to the market a new concept of show rooms galleries for brands from 16 countries who traditionally took part at the CPM. Besides, we were able to introduce new names in the fashion industry that had already received good reviews from retail. However, what is even more important, it is that the indexes and the outcomes from the visits of buyers who came from a big number of Russian regions, from North Caucasus to the Far East, exceeded all expectations. Judging by the reviews, the participants managed to meet with their permanent business partners and to get new contacts, and the visitors were able to place good orders for spring/summer season 2021.’ 

Evindar Akcan, IGEDO & CPM Turkey Representative: ‘We are very happy to be here, at “s’elections moscow 2020”, because nowadays there are almost no professional fashion trade fairs anywhere in the world: they are either cancelled or transferred into an online format. Whereas here we find ourselves on a real platform where everyone is happy, everything goes well, clients come and negotiations take place. In February 2020 we introduced 110 companies at the CPM, and we hope that in the coming February the world situation will improve, and we will bring again not fewer than 100 Turkish companies, as we already receive preliminary applications from many brands.’ 


The Business program took place during the four days of the event. It was organized with support of the strategic partners: Fashion Consulting Group, PROfashion media holding, portal, as well as “Fashion prokachka” Telegram channel. Anush Gasparyan, FCG Commercial director, Anna Balandina, the founder of the VM Guru agency, Evgenia Vinokurova from the RBC, Marina Polkovnikova from VMC Retail, Olga Steinberg, the author of “Fashion prokachka” Telegram channel, Stanislava  Nazhmitdinova, the CEO for Shtab agency and others were among the speakers at the past season. How to overcome the crisis in view of the Corona virus pandemic, how to set up new communication channels between manufacturers, retailers andconsumers; analysis of the effective tools for operation in Instagram and Tik-Tok social networks, development of own e-commerce sales channels for brands etc, – became the key topics for discussion. All events of the Business program were broadcast on the official YouTube channel and Facebook page of the project. Besides, they will be available to watch on 

Anna Lebsak-Kleimans, Chief Executive Officer for Fashion Consulting Group: ‘It is still early to give assessment to the “consequences of the pandemic”, it goes on, and restrictive measures remain tough in most countries. Our common everyday life has undergone considerable changes, many of which turned out to be very useful and will stay with us in future. Distant work efficiency, online education flexibility and, of cause, online shops convenience – all of these had both a positive effect, and gave a good impulse to digital development. At “s’elections moscow 2020” we see companies that present their collections to buyers in a b2b show room format for the first time; and the Business program became available live in social networks. In the new reality, personal contacts and relationship have come to the forefront, it is very important to speak the same language with your partners and your audience, to be members of the same society. This is exactly what the organizers’ professional work aims at!’ 

Elena Bugranova, President for the Russian Buyers Union: ‘I truly admire the partners from “Messe Duesseldorf Moscow” who have managed to hold the first professional event for fashion brands and buyers since the isolation, to enhance it with a business program and to ensure maximum comfort for the participants and guests, which made possible effective work and communication.’ 


Mr Mehmet Samsar, Turkish Ambassador to Russia, came to the event with an official visit on September 17th. Mr Samsar expressed his support to the Turkish participants of the ”s’elections moscow 2020” project and held a business meeting with the representatives of the ITKIB, the association for Turkey’s fashion industry manufacturers. 

Elena Bugranova, President for the Russian Buyers Union, Tatiana Belkevich, President for the Russian Association of Fashion Industry (RAFI), as well as Mikhail Doroshkov, Deputy Head for the Industrial Department for the region of Krasnodar, and Dmitry Korolev, Director for the Fund for the Industrial Development of the region of Krasnodar, were able to see the collections that were presented in the show rooms gallery. 


Nika Pomerantseva, ambassador for Rinaschimento / Kitana (Italy): 

‘The warehouses and offices of our brands are located in Bologna, the production is based in Rimini, and we opened our show room in Moscow only one and a half years ago. Now we produce 8 collections a year, and during the isolation our company did not stop its operation: almost every day we had shipments. I cannot say that we suffered much. Now we have many visitors to our show room at “s’elections moscow 2020”, we expect new and good orders and new clients. And, being a permanent participant at the CPM, we are looking forward to the future trade fair in February.’ 

Evelina Mustafayeva, ambassador for Company C.e.d.e.r (Germany): 


‘We were touched by the consequences of the pandemic like everyone, but we are optimistic in looking into the future and never lose hope. Thanks to our clients we were very lucky and successful in moving into a new stage and level of development of our relationship with them. During “s’elections moscow 2020” we wrote down all the orders that we had planned, and also got acquainted with new clients; it is a very good platform for fresh contacts. We are looking forward to the new season of the CPM very much, and, of cause, we will take part in it.’ 

Olga Kudryavtseva, Chief Executive Officer for “Niada” show room: 

‘We deal exclusively with lingerie and beach wear, we represent a lot of international brands, and it was exactly this segment that turned out to be much in demand during the pandemic. Therefore, it is now not so difficult for us to overcome its consequences. Russian holidays resorts, Turkey and Dubai already opened up, and people flew off on vacation, that was why the clients purchased beachwear with pleasure this year. New project “s’election moscow 2020” was obviously a success, many people came. During all the four days of the event there took place constant meetings, everyone had been missing live communication, we even did not have time to relax.’ 



Yekaterina Belyakova, “Voleks” salon shop (Vologda): 

‘We came to see who was present and, possibly, to find new suppliers and interesting brands. We met companies that we had already known, i.e. Heresis and Green Coast. Regardless of the event’s format as compared to the CPM, there is an opportunity to get to know the participants in more detail. There is even present the interesting brand “She’s So” which we will keep an eye on without fail.’ 

Tatiana Romashova, “Megameh” shop (Vladimir): 

‘We like the show booths of “s’elections moscow 2020” and the organization very much. It was very comfortable, cozy and efficient. It is very important for me to keep the contacts and my presence at this event. I saw familiar faces, got acquainted with new partners and placed orders. Despite the crisis, the organizers continue to please us with new perspectives, I am very grateful and will come for the new season for sure!’ 

Natalia Tolpekina, “Supermarket nizhnego belya” (“Lingerie Supermarket”, Novosibirsk): 

‘I would like to thank the organizers for it that they did not lose their nerve in the hard times, and despite all the difficulties they arranged the event. It was very interesting, educational and interactive. I was able to establish new contacts, to strengthen the existing connections, to understand the situation on the market for today, to see my perspectives and to define my further strategy. All of these were mostly thank to the proper organization of the project and the attention of everyone from the project’s team to every visitor. It was very nice, I wish you much success in the future, and see you next year!’ 

It has become even more convenient to follow the latest news for the “s’elections moscow 2020” and the CPM – Collection Premiere Moscow projects on your smart phone: through the social media of Telegram, Facebook, Instagram and VK, as well as on the official YouTube channel. 

The CPM – Collection Premiere Moscow, the largest Russian & Eastern international trade fair for fashion and ready-made clothes, will take place in Moscow from February 22nd until February 25th, 2021. 

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Duesseldorf/Moscow, 25 September 2020