Monday, May 27, 2019 - 12:43English

“We’re creating more space for the Contemporary and Urban areas. Although the situation on the market is in part very strained, we, the organisers of Gallery SHOES, are receiving a lot of positive, encouraging feedback: the event is one of the highlights on the industry calendar.

Buyers really enjoy coming here. And it’s not only the exhibitors who are appreciating the emotional and aesthetic aspects. Both buyers and exhibitors believe that participating in the tradeshow is an enriching experience that helps them to strengthen their partnerships – and also provides lots of inspiration for new segment layouts and POS presentations. There will also be a whole host of exciting new developments at the upcoming edition of Gallery SHOES, which will also benefit the Kids’ and Comfort areas. Both segments are integral parts of the tradeshow’s USP, which is why we are dedicating our full attention to both areas. From September 2019, the Kids’ Zone will be located in a completely new hall in a different part of the venue: even more present, it will become a light-flooded microcosmos that could function as a stand-alone event. We are also enhancing the Comfort area with a new, separate entrance that will emphasise the presence of this segment at the Areal Böhler even further.”

Ulrike Kähler

Managing Director IGEDO Company

Project Director Gallery & Gallery SHOES


Press release

Gallery & Gallery SHOES

Monday, 27 May 2019