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// Gallery SHOES launch from August 27 – 29, 2017

// Igedo Company takes over responsibility for the shoe sector

// Project Management in the proven hands of Ulrike Kähler

As part of the GDS opening press conference, which was befittingly held at Areal Böhler, the Igedo Company had the new Project Director Ulrike Kähler present what the future of the shoe trade show will look like in Düsseldorf.

First off we have a new name for the shoe trade show – namely Gallery SHOES – meaning that GDS will be dropped. Explaining the move Philipp Kronen says: “Just continuing GDS with a different framework simply makes no sense. Everything has to be completely thought out again across all levels. This is the (painful) experience we acquired precisely five years ago with CPD (Collections Premieren Düsseldorf) and we have proven that a consistent new start is possible and proves successful at the end of the day.”

Three essential factors are trusted to secure the future success of Gallery SHOES: on the one hand, the multiple award-winning venue “Areal Böhler” with its industrial charm, and on the other hand, later dates (August 27 – 29, 2017) with an adjusted order of days (Sunday to Tuesday) and a focus on the significant exhibitors in the European footwear industry. What this means in detail is that Gallery SHOES will focus on the medium to highpriced segments with both young labels and tradition-rich brands. A 65% share of international exhibitors is aspired. Important countries alongside Germany are Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and the Netherlands. This also means that a sourcing segment will not be considered at Gallery SHOES.

The target countries for visitor marketing are located in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe. Here Igedo Company benefits from the experience acquired with CPM (Collection Premiere Moscow) organised since 2003.

The key aim in changing the order of days is to attract independent specialist shoe retailers back. The success will also be helped by various cross-marketing measures resulting from the insights the Igedo Company has gained as an organiser of the GALLERY. The aim will be to leverage these synergies to finally also invite the apparel sector to GALLERY SHOES.

To provide visitors with the most comprehensive ranges possible the exhibitors will be presented on maximum areas of 150 m2 or 35 m2 in so-called Concept Areas.

Project Director Ulrike Kähler shares her vision of Gallery SHOES: “A strong trade show is what drives the industry.

We can only offer you a strong trade show if we all pull together in the same direction. The Gallery SHOES provides information in a new design, with a new language and on an international scale.”

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Düsseldorf, 07/02/2017

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