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On the 8th and 9th of March, the European consortium of the Erasmus+ project DiaSHOE met in São João da Madeira (Portugal) to take stock of the project which will end at the end of this month. There, the partners were able to share the positive feedbacks from the piloting exercises with the different project target groups, assess the past 36 months of the project activities, and focus on the final steps. 

As previously mentioned, the project focuses on three major aspects of the Diabetic Foot Syndrome (DFS) namely, raising awareness about DFS and the complications associated with inappropriate care and control of the diabetic foot; upgrading VET footwear profiles and other related trainings with specific contents linked to Diabetic Foot Control; and finally, improving the quality of life of people with diabetes. 

The three open digital education packages are now ready to be followed, and you can access any of the courses by creating a profile on the Losglobos learning platform available on the project website in the results section. There is one for designers, footwear technicians and product managers on footwear manufacturing for Diabetic Foot Control, a second for health technicians and shoe shop clerks. The third digital education package, based on selfcare for diabetic foot control, addresses patients, their families, and teachers and educators in contact with these patients. 

The consortium was very pleased with the results and the positive feedbacks received from the stakeholders during the piloting. The project is about to be completed, and partners in Portugal, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Romania, Czech Republic and Poland are this month engaged in organising national events to disseminate the outcomes and to respond to any questions regarding the project. In the meantime, you will be able to find more about the training and learning content in the upcoming newsletters. 

We invite you to keep following the project website www.diashoeproject.eu and the social media (Facebook and LinkedIn) to be informed about the final steps of the project. 

The DiaSHOE project is co-financed by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. 

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