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Helping to build a new home for children affected by autism, and trying to improve their quality of life: this is the goal of the project “Chi semina raccoglie” (“He who sows, reaps”) run by the non-profit organisation Ca’Leido (a centre specialised in autism) with the support of Assocalzaturifici.

The project wants to move forward as much as possible with the treatment of children affected by autism, giving them the opportunity to grow up with the greatest possible number of instruments to improve their quality of life. For this reason, Assocalzaturifici will contribute to the construction of a new reception centre in Altivole, a village in the province of Treviso.

“Christmas brings with it a great opportunity: the chance to reflect on what is really worthwhile. Today with this small gesture we will try to help those special children have a better life, giving a small contribution for the construction of a new centre destined to become their home and to accommodate their every need”, says Annarita Pilotti, President of Assocalzaturifici.

“During my tenure - adds Pilotti - together with the staff of our Association and the General Council, we have chosen to help a different Italian region each year through tangible projects to bring a smile to and help the needy”.

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Milan, 21 st December 2018