I want to expand my business by starting a women's shoe line.

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I am the owner of Mint apparel, it is a men's clothing company based in Karachi, Pakistan. I want to expand my business by starting a women's shoe line. I am looking for a company who is willing to manufacture my shoes. I am interested in making genuine leather shoes for ladies. Please contact me if your interested.


Saba Sohail
92 3218220788

Looking forward to a good cooperation.

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My name is Viktor and I are about to start a new business .
What I seek now is manufacturing, design is already complete.
The shoe is a fancy sneakers with soles of rubber and uppers of suede.
It will come in five different colors to begin with.
If this sounds interesting , please send me an email and tell me about your business. looking forward to a good cooperation


Viktor Svensson

I'm looking for women shoes manufacturers or sourcing agencies in Europe

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Made By Katrien Hertogs

 I'm looking for women shoes manufacturers or sourcing agencies in Europe (italy, portugal?) to work with for launching a new brand of  cowboy / bohemian shoes and boots.

Katrien Hertogs

Footwear Consultancy & Specialized Global/Technical Services

Victoria Park

Footwear, Athletic - Sports, Flip-Flops, Vulcanized, Leather, Leather-goods & Handbags: Development, Manufacturing, Quality Control, Assurance, Productivity, Inspection, Technical advice / Specialist

o   A Certified footwear technologist/ Fashion/Consultant - British, American, and European qualified +Asian, S.E. Asian & China factory experienced, Worked with global leaders in Asia, Africa, Europe & North America as technician/technologist/ Advisor/Trainer/Inspections/R&D, Remedy faults - now available for Global services covering all areas in Footwear manufacture, technology improvement, simplification, standardization, streamlining in all areas of manufacture of, SLG & Fashion accessories in the manufacturing industry.

o   British Boot & Shoe Institute, City & Guilds London Institute, Clothing & Footwear Institute London and Cordwainer’s Technical College England qualified, Fellow Clothing & Footwear Institute England, and holding a Licentiate in Footwear technology from City & Guilds England in Footwear technology, experienced and certified in Product, Research and Sample development, Footwear Technology, Manufacture, Management in Footwear Manufacturing Industry & Leather-goods technology.

o   A Member of the American Society for Quality, Institute of Quality Assurance England & Member Institute of Manufacture England. Leather-goods, footwear technology & Leather expert.

o   Set up of PD, sample room and sample development, training etc., Start-ups, Cost saving, Ideal mark-ups (Men, Women & Kids).

o   Over 25 years of Hands on factory and management experienced in  the production/manufacture of footwear, various materials + including sports types: - Expertise in: conception, fabrication, commercialization, Brand development , Designs , Patterns, Sourcing, Planning, Organizing, Manufacture – various Techniques and materials, Footwear Fitting technology and Last info, QA+OC expertise, Quality enhancement, Productivity Improvement, Technical Services, Testing, Training, Teacher and Tutor - including training of sewing machine operators, knowledge of needles, threads, Transfer of technology with own hands.

o   Online and Final Inspections, Remedy substandard quality products, factory rejects /production management, Increase production line capacity/volumes for Cutting, Sewing, Assembling lines.

o   Worked with Bata Shoe Organization factories in South east Asia, Asia, Africa (technical advisor) England & Europe for over 25 years in the manufacturing and quality sectors; worked with Adidas, as Technical & Quality Manager in Far-East, HBC Canada and with Billion dollar North American Organizations and worked in their factories in China/ Taiwan, Hong-Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Sri-Lanka, Brazil, India + BD

o   Seasoned technical, technology and hands on specialist with in-depth understanding of emerging technologies and international technical expertise in shoe manufacturing/industry, having work experienced in Global Sourcing projects in Vietnam, China, Thailand, Indonesia, S.E. Asia and India.

o   Eliminate substandard quality, work towards “Zero” tolerance.

o   Responsible for technical and quality aspects of the product throughout the development process including resolving, manufacturing, technical and quality challenges while meeting design’s aesthetic intent.

o   Have excellent ability to interact with staff in a fast paced environment, while remaining flexible, proactive, resourceful and efficient, with a high level of professionalism and confidentiality

v  Experienced: Footwear Business Development Consultant / Manufacturing specialist, Production, & Manufacturing Technology, Factory setups and training of factory personnel.

v  Remedy all factory and Quality problems. Results guaranteed.



We have established the online shop-Aokang Flagship Store for the world Customers.

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Zhejiang Aokang Shoes Co Ltd

Aokang is China's leading leather product brand retailers and operator, which provides Genuine Leather Men shoes, women shoes, handbags ect. We have established the online shop-Aokang Flagship Store for the world Customers.

The website is http://www.aliexpress.com/store/1406197. Hope you like it.

Looking for a company partner to help me open a shoe store in my country in west africa


i am looking for a company partner to help me open a shoe store in my country in west africa, i will be their representative and will be paid on comission basis. If interest contact me.

Komlanvi Dowou

We need PVC Gumboots and Crystal Jelly Shoes.

1629# IEC
Haoyuan Plastic

We need PVC Gumboots and Crystal Jelly Shoes. Anybody have these, please contact us

Annie Wang


P.Box 6003

I am seeking custom shoe manufacturers who are able to work with a set of roughly 10 different shoe styles ranging from sneakers to high heels men shoes to ballet flats.
Utilising those styles we seek manufacture who is able to customise each style per my customers order. Please contact Lauren for more details

Lauren Spencer

would like to open a shoe manufacturing company in Queenstown South Africa.

South Africa

I would like to open a shoe manufacturing company in Queenstown South Africa.  I need as much information as possible.



FootSource Team

Leather Complex

We are a startup of footwear company in India and we are looking for an overseas partner to have a partnership/JV for the manufacturing and sales. We
would like to work with a company on exclusivity basis i.e. our total production would be devoted to a single customer.

Please contact us if you are interested in this JV.