The word patron is used in the majority of European languages and originates from the Latin patronus. Originally, this was the name for the releasing of slaves by their former masters. Veneration of a sanctified person by a certain group of people had already appeared in the period before the first persecution of Christians.
There is much evidence that a foot covering was one of the first things made by our primitive ancestors. Necessity compelled them to invent some method Krepis, soldier's shoe/Pedila of Homer's time of protecting their feet from the jagged rocks, burning sands, and rugged terrain over which they ranged in pursuit of food and shelter.
Although shoemaking has been an established art for at least 3500 years, any review of the history of the cowboy boot must begin somewhere. We could start on the great plains of North America in the latter half of the 19th century; according to some theories we could even start with the conquistadors in the 17th century.