CrocoCO Leather SA (Pty) Ltd.

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South Africa

We are a Crocodile Leather Tannery, with own Breeding&Growing Facility, in the heart of South Africa. We currently produce 1,000 skins per month in a ]green and sustainable manner, respecting the environment in all facets. Our animals husbandry practices are of such nature that the animals come first in all our activities, starting from the feeding, which is only with chicken meat sourced from an abattoir. Healthcare is our primary focus, as our meat and fats enter global markets and we stand behind our brand.
Our leather, is metal free, tanned with the latest available green technologies allowing us to offer a product, that far surpasses our competitors products in the market. Our team of leather experts, have taken technologies from the automotive and shoe upper sector, viewed the challenges with current products available and improved not only on aesthetics, but to meet ever growing demands on the final product.

Klaus Heinze