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Tripple Action Foot Care Products

The active person today needs a simple and effective response to this hygiene challenge. Maita Care helps miners achieve this through its BioSafe Foot care range of hygiene products called Resolve. Resolve represents the latest and the best in anti-microbial personal foot care technology. The active ingredients include International Gold Award Winning (Geneva, 1998) disinfectant: G-Cide‚. This unique disinfectant meets stringent international medical criteria and has the most effective disinfectant activity. It is unparalleled in the industry. There just is no better product! SABS approved Resolve Technology will help you effectively control foot odours, germs and fungi.  It is antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial: all in one. Yet it is non-greasy, non-sticky, non-skin irritant, neutral in pH, biodegradable and non-toxic.

The Resolve Foot Care Programme's special range of complimentary products currently includes: Foot Soap - Foot Cleanser - Foot Disinfectant Cream - Shoe Spray - Foot Care Kit

The exclusive and technologically superior Resolve Foot Care range of products will help you effectively meet the hygiene challenge of the active miner of today.

Product Description:

1. Resolve  Foot Soap  Contains G-Cide, double lanolin and moisturiser and can be used daily to clean feet before applying the cleanser. SABS 261/1221.

2. Resolve  Foot Cleanser  Active disinfecting of feet after washing. Fast acting and fast drying with emollients.  Leaves feet cool and refreshed. Contains G-Cide and alcohol. SABS.

3. Resolve  Disinfectant Foot Cream for active disinfection of feet especially with fungal growth or odours. SABS 1616

4. Resolve  Shoe Spray For eliminating fungal growth and odours from shoes.  Spray at night and in the morning before wearing the shoes. SABS 826

5. Resolve Foot Care Kit   All the above products




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